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Full-time goofball, software developer and blogger sailing on an endless creative ocean. Let's break that down.


a naive, silly, or stupid person.

Google Dictionary

First, everyone is naive about something, no one knows everything, but what I do learn, I learn well. Second, I am not stupid. That leaves silly and yes I can absolutely be that when I choose, but in my case, it's more playful than silly. I learned to have a sense of humor, laugh at myself and at situations I find myself in. In our modern, global society, that helps to maintain an equilibrium and stay rational in what is otherwise a rather insane world.

So, what is this website about? Well, I blog here about things that interest me, both professional and otherwise. The idea is to put down my thoughts and share them. In my childhood days, well before the rise of social media and blogs, it was what we knew as keeping a diary. So, this site is my electronic journal/diary. There is nothing wrong with using available technologies, no matter how much they are considered negative. In fact there are many benefits to using such an accessible form of expression. For one thing, it is very easy to add content to a web site and make that available to anyone with Internet access. For another, it is pretty cool, if you think about it, for an ordinary citizen like me to reach a global audience without advertisement. Granted, I know much more about technology, software and websites than most non-technologists. People today find each other online mostly because of some shared area of interest. But, how many people writing diaries back then had access to global readership, even if they wanted that?

As I said, technology itself is never the problem. The WWW is just the latest communication medium. Long ago, storytelling was the most common way in which people shared information. Then came books, newspapers, magazines and other printed publications. Printed publications evolved to include visual forms of communication like illustrations and photographs. Still later came radios and audio content, followed by the more advanced visual media like television and movies. That is a very rough assessment of the history of human communication over the last couple of centuries or so, but you get the idea. People either embrace the positive side of the communication channels available to them or they find ever uglier ways to tap into and exploit the negative aspects. Publications, radio, television and movies suffer even today from bad, questionable and illegal content. If that is not the case, there is no need for the censorship boards, watchdog groups and governmental regulations that continue to oversee those industries even today.

The arts, Mother Nature, technology and science all have a natural creative element about them. The trick is to find the right balance to keep things interesting no matter which of them one explores. No matter how much one studies, it is not easy to master even a small portion of these things during a lifetime of experience. Hence the "endless" ocean.

If I managed to get your attention, welcome aboard and happy to have you join me on the journey! I welcome all contributions, criticisms and discussions, just a humble request to keep things civil. Opinionated is fine, but please don't be abusive to myself or anyone else taking part. The idea is to share and learn from each other. If your saying to yourself "but I don't see any place to discuss things", find an article and scroll to the bottom of the page. There you go! Why didn't I allow discussion on this page? Because, this is me on my soapbox, no other reason.

Software Developer

My professional forté is full-stack software development on the Microsoft technology stack. Full-stack software development can be described as the ability to work across these three very different layers that each have a unique purpose.

  • Databases or the U-Haul self-storage center where you keep all the furniture you never use
  • Middleware or the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK middlemen/movers desperately transporting your junky furniture between storage and the showroom
  • Front-End or the David Sutherland Showroom that gallantly puts your useless pile of wood and fabric on display and incredibly manages to generate a profit for you

I'm a generalist when it comes to technology, so it doesn't matter to me which of these layers I work with. I imagine that is the case with most full-stack developers. At the same time, I can say that I enjoy working with databases the most. The database layer is often the most challenging for the simple reason that when application designs are fleshed out at the lower layers, a whole lot of things must be considered. A data architect must consider the needs and concerns of all layers. Re-factoring the lower layers is also chaotic, equivalent to tearing out the structure of a frame house and then repairing and restoring everything back to its original functional state. Still, when data structures do work out well, the result is a thing of beauty! A robust software product reflects the love and care put into its design and not just the work done to implement it. A good rule of thumb: look before you leap!

What I enjoy about full-stack development is the chance to wear many different hats working in each area and switching gears between them. It is also very satisfying to see things come together. When software is done right and works well, it developers and customers feel equally jubilant! Here are the core technologies I work with regularly.

  • SQL Server
  • SSIS
  • .NET
  • C#
  • ORMs / Micro ORMs
  • ASP.NET SignalR
  • ASP.NET Core
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • TypeScript
  • AngularJS / Angular 2
  • CSS3
  • Bootstrap
  • LESS / PostCSS

However, I do enjoy exploring technologies aside from the Microsoft stack so take this to mean I only work with these. In fact, this very blog is running on a decidely non-Microsoft platform. But that's ok, finding the right tool to fit a job is what makes life interesting technically! To quote an old proverb,


Here are some of the things that I am curious about and enjoy studying or researching. Of course, not everything is on the same level and this is not in any particular order or priority. I'm very much into software development as my profession. I am a history buff; a movie buff; and have a good grasp of things related to astronomy and space exploration. On the other hand, I don't know if I'm humorous and will leave that up to others to judge!

I'm a devoted reader and movie buff, it's part of continous learning. Over the years I've shifted more towards reading online or on mobile devices. But I'm picky about what I read or watch, still keen on good publications, in-depth documentaries and meaningful movies. Superficial content doesn't do anything for me. In other words, if I read or watch something that doesn't trigger critical thinking, then expect me to get bored and feel disinterested very quickly. Hopefully, this blog does not get the same reaction from you!

  • Software Development
  • History
  • Literature
  • Astronomy and Space Exploration
  • Mysteries and The Unexplained
  • The Paranormal
  • Movies
  • Humor


Houston, Texas, USA metro area.

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